The Pursuit Of Sonic Bliss.

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Tone Chaser®: The Pursuit of Sonic Bliss.

Play guitar? Play bass? Play drums? Play other instruments or maybe you really love listening to music? If you do, you are a Tone Chaser®!

As a Tone Chaser®, the pursuit of sonic bliss is a constant. From the casual listener of new and old music to the obsessive-compulsive musician who cannot stop tweaking their guitar amplifier.  A Tone Chaser® always seeks gratification and perfection.

In addition to your endorphin filled head, undying love, desire and commitment to music, the best way to express your own personal pursuit of sonic bliss is to make a statement. Express your aspirations by being part of the Tone Chaser® culture and camaraderie with a Tone Chaser® t-shirt.

The Tone Chaser® t-shirts make a cool fashion statement and are very comfortable to wear. They are a small investment that yields infinite opportunities for your own personal pursuit. Let other Tone Chasers® know you share their passion.

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